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Worst Kept Secret Revealed

August 26, 2008

"You're going to start but let's keep everyone not guessing."

The worst kept secret in the Penn State Football world has finally been unveiled as Daryll Clark will start for the Nittany Lions Saturday against Coastal Carolina.

When it comes to picking starters, we all know JoePa’s propensity to pick upperclassman over more talented younger players, however in this case I think the consensus has to be that Joe made the right choice. No matter how talented Pat Devlin is at this point in his career, the play-calling in a pro-style offense has been horrendous over the past few seasons. That could have been because of a certain abysmal decision-maker who the coaches had no confidence in running the offense, but thats beside the point.

Clark can run the spread or the spread “HD” that defenses in the Big Ten have constantly struggled to cover. Plus as with Michael Robinson before him, Clark can make things happen outside of the realm of the play call giving him the opportunity to keep defenses off guard.

Paterno mentioned that Devlin would get some time in the Coastal Carolina game, after the lead balloons to 30 likely, but you have to love his commitment to Paul Cianciolo. Cianciolo will be the third string QB once again but Joe has praised his ability and you would think from the comments that Cianciolo could one day win the Heisman. Not to bash Cianciolo but the chances seem slim that he will get any real playing time outside of mop up duty, but thats why we love Joe because he is great to the players who give him their full effort. 

Now it is time to get down to business and move on from the worthless questions of who will start and focus on the first game of the season against the Chanticleers!