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Relax, it’s only Thursday…and Michael Robinson is Missing!!!

September 25, 2008

There was this captivating song that caught my attention while driving down to Metropolitan Orlando for a Pfizer Business retreat a few months ago.  This wasn’t your typical everyday run of the mill Hootie & the Blowfish song this was an “Epiphany Song,” a song that makes you stop, drop, and take stock of your life;  A song that really makes you sit back and think about what’s truly important in this crazy world we live in.  Wait was it a retreat or a conference?  They had an open bar so I’m saying a retreat.  Free booze, sock tan lines, and Hawaiian t-shirts those are the telltale signs that you are at a business retreat and not a business conference.  Also find out how many people are named “Alan” at one of these shindigs.  If it’s over five percent then you are smack dab in the middle of calculator filled conference my friend.   True story.

FACT: In the time it took you to read that little nonsensical anecdote three former Penn State football players will have become irrelevant.  What?  I know!  We as human beings living on this planet named earth cannot let this become a wide spread epidemic.  What’s next?  Meeting a blank stare when you mention the iconic name of Mike Archie? Receiving a “Who” when you utter the celestial term Wally Richardson?  The term “Who” is for owls and Pete Townshend, not Penn State fans.  Michael Robinson, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever don the majestic colors of blue and white, has gone missing.  Where is he you ask?  Well that’s just a plain old stupid question, if I knew I would just tell you and this article would be a moot point.  Think McFly think (ask your older brother or sister).  While logical thinking would have M-Rob traveling with his current employer the FIRST PLACE SAN FRANCICSCO 49ERS I’m going to take a look at a few of the illogical theories as to Mr. Robinson’s whereabouts.  Oh by the way, that life altering song was “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm…as if you didn’t already know.

Theory 1: Michael Robinson changed bodies with a punk rock thirteen year old girl ala the movie Freaky Friday.  If you see M-Rob and he has a starry eye glaze as he looks in the direction of a punk rock singer who just screams “Fix me” I would stay clear.  You do not want to get on the bad side of a fourteen year old girl trapped in the body of an NFL player…trust me.  Oh and by the way you’re welcome Disney.  When you and The Rock make 100 million dollars on this idea don’t forget to slice a piece of that money pie over this way.

Theory 2: Michael Robinson is living with David Robinson while taping the new VH1 reality hit “My Two Robinsons!” What happens when one current and one former athlete move in together and try to start an unsuccessful pie shop in downtown San Antonio?  Hilarity.  That’s what.

Theory 3: Michael Robinson is caught up in a “Winner take all” around the world     balloon race/water balloon fight with former Penn Stater Matt Seneca.  My guess is that Seneca quits somewhere around Brazil and Zach Mills ends up having to take over for him.

Theory 4: Taking full advantage of his Journalism degree Michael Robinson is producing a one hour news special warning people about the 1,098th most popular killer of male adults 18-34: Hermit Crab Hepatitis.

Theory 5: After some unseasonably bad weather Michael Robinson and his family crashed their boat onto a deserted island while traveling up the Rhine River.  Luckily there were enough supplies on board for him and his “family” to survive those cold “Switzerland” nights.  After creating a house made up of rudimentary island materials…really Josh?  A Swiss Family Robinson joke?   C’mon you’re better than that.  Lazy writing, even for you.

Theory 6: Michael Robinson traveled back in time to the year 1994 to kick Nebraska quarterback Tommy Frazier’s ass. He was successful but due to an unforeseen consequence of tampering with the space time continuum, kicking 1994 Tommy Frazier’s ass led to the movie Space Jam becoming the top grossing movie of all time.  Every action does indeed have a reaction.  It is also the reason that our national anthem has been replaced by R Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly.

Theory 7: Michael Robinson was in the hatch.  Hatch, smoke monster, airplane, Charlie from Party of Five.  Ok I confess I don’t know what the Hatch is.   I’ve never seen Lost.  I have seen my fair share of Felicity though.  Maybe Michael Robinson fell in love with Scott Speedman and he is pursuing his dream of becoming an artist in New York.  Stranger things have happened.

Any information leading to the safe return of Michael Robinson back to the public eye will result in a prize package containing a coupon for one free large pizza from Canyon, a 15% off coupon from the Family Clothesline, and a guest appearance on the hit Penn State student run talk show After Hours.

You’ve been hit by; you’ve been struck by, a Smooth Criminal…

Josh Sorokach has a blog that is not quite sweeping (more like dusting) the nation.  He enjoys rootbeer floats and the subtle, yet dignified acting of Adrian Grenier.  If you want to chat with him you can find him retroactively by meeting him at the Hub while he studies for this Econ final on December 11th 2004. Bring coffee and a working knowledge of Marxism.


Blue White Football Podcast #45

September 24, 2008

Mike & Mark return with a brand new podcast to discuss another Nittany Lion win over Temple and if the early game struggles mean that the Penn State offense may not be as strong as once thought. They also breakdown the upcoming match-up with Illinois and the challenges that Illini quarterback Juice Williams presents for the Nittany Lions.

This edition of the show is presented in mp3 format only and will not have the chapter markers that you have seen in other editions. We will return to our usual format next week.

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Evans and Koroma Return

September 23, 2008

Fight on State is reporting that Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma practiced with the second team today and we can expect that they will be in uniform for Saturday’s game against Illinois. Of course, more about the situation will be unveiled tomorrow at JoePa’s weekly press conference but when you consider the depth issues on the defensive line this is exactly what Penn State fans wanted to hear.

If you have watched the d-line closely the past few weeks, there has been very little rotation leaving Gaines, Odrick, Ogbu and Maybin to play the majority of the snaps while the game is still on the line. It is safe to say that Odrick and Maybin did an astounding job and likely will be starting Saturday at Illinois, but if there was a concern about this defense not being able to hold up during the Big Ten season the return of Evans and Koroma certainly lightens those concerns.

Depth will continue to be an issue throughout the season but with the Nittany Lions ranking as a top ten rush defense without these two, there is no doubt this line will only get better. Naturally it is up for debate as to whether or not a 4-game suspension is a worthy penalty for the offenses of Evans and Koroma but when you consider that both are first time offenders the punishment seems consistent and fair.

Tune in to this week’s podcast for more coverage of Evans and Koroma as well as an in-depth preview of the Fighting Illini.

Must See: BTN Penn State Lift for Life Segment

September 20, 2008

Earlier today the Big Ten Network featured Penn State’s annual charity event Lift for Life, which raises money and awareness for Kidney Cancer research, on their Pre-game football show.

Many of you may have heard of Lift for Life or even spent time at the event in July, but if you have not seen this segment you need to see what Penn State football can do when the right players with great character come together for a single cause. After all of the off-field issues and turmoil of the past year it is great to see the many positives that can come from our football program and the reach that it can have throughout the country.

Unfortunately, wordpress does not allow embedding of brightcove video but I implore you to click the link and watch this stellar video.

Big Ten Network Lift for Life Segment

By the way, another great win for the Nittany Lions, we will break it down on the podcast this week and check back for more blog posts as we get set for the real season!


Off the field problems? Solved.

September 18, 2008

So a friend and I were having a conversation about the recent off the field issues at Penn State. He came up with some really reasonable solutions.

Me: I can’t believe these guys can’t stay out of trouble.
Brandon: They should lock them under beaver stadium. Not even let them go to class. Bring the profs there.

This is brillia…wait, what?! Not only lock them up – lock them up UNDER Beaver Stadium!? Harsh.

Then he seemed to back off of that idea…

Brandon: PSU should hire student liasions. Basically, you assign a 3.0 to 4.0 gpa die hard psu fans – 2 for each starter and they hang out with them at ALL TIMES and help them not make stupid decisions. Pay them like 10 bucks an hour and free field passes to every game.

Can you imagine? This sounds like a hilarious 80’s sitcom. In fact, according to our friend Josh Sorokach, this exact premise mirrors an old episode of Saved By the Bell: The College Years. In that episode Screech helps Mike (the RA and former 49er) write his autobiography. In return Mike helps Screech bulk up to meet girls. So in order for this to work (if you’re going by Saved By the Bell rules) there should probably be some sort of trade off. The football players help the nerds meet girls in return for the studying and general help staying out of trouble. This show could star Adam Brody circa 2003 (thanks Josh).

I nominate Penn State legend and current 49er*** Michael Robinson to put together a team of nerds and conquer the off the field problems. In return, the starters will coach the nerds on things like dating and partying (responsibly, of course). Then LaVar Arrington will decide which Nerd-Player tandem did the best job overall. That team will be awarded the Land Grant Trophy. Problems SOLVED.

***Has anyone actually seen Mike Rob play a down this season? Is he hurt? Is he still on the team? I think he could shine in the AFL or CFL. What’s the competition like in NFL Europe?


September 17, 2008



The Daily Collegian

I can’t find a clear definition of what an “ungraded misdemeanor” actually means. But I think you can breathe a little easier considering they weren’t charged with “intent to distribute.” That most likely would have been the end of their days at Penn State. I’m guessing they’ll face a fine and probation but not much more. The ball is now in Joe’s court. What is an appropriate punishment for this kind of crime? I think three games is plenty. He’s already made an example of repeat offenders (Chris Baker, Phil Taylor, and Willie Harriot) and he knows as well as we do that this team needs Mo Evans and Abe Koroma.

Stay tuned…

Blue White Football Podcast #44

September 17, 2008

Three weeks into the season and three dominant performances from the Nittany Lions. Tune in as Mike & Mark discuss another jaw-dropping offensive explosion from Penn State over Syracuse as well as preview the upcoming game against the Owls of Temple.

We also give our reasons why this team could make a national title run and our reasons why they won’t make it to the BCS, join us to find which rationale wins out. 

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