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Welcome back, Fodder

August 31, 2008

I had a late night yesterday. You know, bars til close, followed by after hours. When I finally woke up at 11:30 a.m. this morning (2:30 p.m.  your time!), Penn State was already squashing Coastal Carolina 59-7, and since I don’t have cable hooked up in my apartment yet, I couldn’t see the game. Damn it. I was really looking forward to this yawner.

Since Penn State rained Sodom and Gamorrah justice on the Chanticleers (sp?), and since the game was completely uneventful, I’d rather pick around the college football landscape from day one.

Beanie Wells gets hurt as Buckeyes roll Youngstown State

OSU has really dodged the injury bug this millennium. Course-correction is a fickle bitch.

California doesn’t care about the East Coast

Mark Sanchez kicked ass in USC’s 45-point thrashing of Virginia. Los Angeles doesn’t have the NFL anymore, so the Trojans are the toast of the town. But UCLA looms around the corner Monday night.

By the way, did you see the ad that UCLA took out in the Los Angeles Times the other day?

As Rick Neuheisel would say, “Bet on it.”

Clemson loses another big college football game

Might as well start calling them the Clemson Peyton Mannings.

Kansas can’t kill Florida International like we did

I’m sure the Jayhawks are crying all over their NCAA Tournament championship.

Appalachian State comes back down to Earth

I could use this spot to bash Michigan, but until we end this NINE-GAME LOSING STREAK, I won’t.


Being a Mormon pays off

The 16th-ranked Brigham Young boys defeated Northern Iowa 41-17. And if South Park’s right, they’re the only ones going to Heaven.

East Carolina rallies past Virginia Tech

Skip Holtz’s team beats the Hokies at Beamer Ball, and Lou Holtz sthpews sthaliva all over the Sthportsthcenter sthet.

Wisconsin is overrated……again

Way to go, Badgers. You actually needed more than two quarters to beat a MAC team at home. But it could have been worse. You could have lost to a MAC team at home. You know, like…


LeSean McCoy is the best running back in America! Pitt is a legit contender to get to a BCS game! The Panthers are the best team in the state of Pennsylvania!

Except that one time.

It’s only the first weekend, but the events of Saturday are enough fodder to fill the next week. At best, we now have tangible evidence of each team. The Buckeyes could be in trouble, USC is ridiculously good, Rick Neuheisel is ridiculously stupid, Appy State can’t upset every 1-A team it faces, Mormons are nice, and Lou Holtz has bladder control problems in his mouth.

As for Pitt, I’m sure its season will be just like Penn State’s opener.

A yawner.


Relax, it’s only Thursday.

August 28, 2008

At this point in the week you’re probably pulling your hair out in anticipation for Penn State’s first game of the year. You’re almost there. We here at the Blue White Football Podcast and Blog will be here to calm your nerves every Thursday of the season. Remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get during “Michigan Week?” Yeah, we’ll here be here that Thursday too. But for now, enjoy a peoples history (or Josh Sorokach’s history) of former great, Ki-Jana Carter.

Almost every true Penn State fans know the tale of Ki-Jana Carter. Famed Penn State running back, former number one draft pick, and an NFL career marred by injuries. While science (or possibly not enough calcium in his adolescent diet) may have kept Ki-Jana Carter from being one of the all time NFL greats; they will not keep me from telling you the story about one man and his path to Penn State football infamy. Unless I break my finger (or thumb) midway through this article, then we’re all screwed. Enjoy.

Ki-Jana “Chachi” Carter was born in a small manger in rural Pennsylvania on August 28th 1947. His parents, Karl and Joanna Carter, named him after an old warrior prince. This warrior prince along with Ki-Jana Carters future excellence would later serve as the basis for the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. Growing up Ki-Jana excelled in all sports, most academics, and had some slight, yet short lived, success as the youngest horticulture expert in Pennsylvania history.

*Ki-Jana Carter Fun Fact 1: Ki-Jana Carter took 2nd place in the National Pennsylvania Spelling Bee from 1980-1989 always purposely misspelling the last word saying, “No one can truly be a spelling champion.”

Ki-Jana had only seventeen true loves as a child; football was not one of them. In fact if it wouldn’t have been for a serendipitous spring day in Happy Valley Ki-Jana Carter would have continued living out his non football life and would have grown up to be the lead guitarist of the popular 90’s band The Gin Blossoms. His non football exploits also would have led him to outlaw dancing in a small Midwestern town in the mid eighties thus leading America to fall in love with his best selling autobiography: Eclectic/Electric: The Ki-Jana Carter Story. Forward by Ki-Jana Carter’s best friend and Playboy magazine photographer Josh Sorokach.

* Ki-Jana Carter Fun Fact 2: The song I Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon was written about Ki-Jana Carter and his secret, yet undeniable, love for football.

On a sunny April day in 1992 Ki-Jana Carter made a stop on his annual Canadian pilgrimage in State College Pennsylvania. While purchasing a soft drink from a young street rough Ki-Jana Carter was intuitively drawn to the sights and sounds of the electrifying Beaver stadium. After turning around that young street rough’s life in a matter of minutes (that man turned out to be Penn State’s own Willard Preacher) Ki-Jana Carter decided to enter Beaver Stadium. Upon his arrival the famed Blue/White game froze while the crowd grew eerily silent. Out of the mist of the student section rose future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Rick Mirer who stood up, finished his reasonably priced hot dog, and a little too slowly for comfort jogged down to the field. Rick Mirer’s deliberate attempts to steal the spotlight aside, Ki-Jana Carter lined up on a 3rd and 12 from the opponents 24 yard line and ran a perfect slant pattern like a cross between a young fine tuned gazelle and former disgraced Canadian Olympian Ben Johnson, went into the end zone and… nothing. By no fault of his own the ball flew a good fifteen feet above Ki-Jana Carter’s head. Rick Mirer was booed out of the stadium and banned from State College for the rest of his life. There is now a scholarship named “The Rick Mirer Scholarship” which is handed out to the douchiest member of the freshman class every year. The recipient of this dubious honor receives a lifetime ban from Penn State along with a one-way plane ticket to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

* Ki-Jana Carter Fun Fact 3: Ki-Jana Carter was the first and only man to conquer Mt. Nittany. The US Flag he planted on top is still there to this day. In Pennsylvania, and for some unknown reason small areas of Oregon, Ki-Jana Carter is more well known than Neil Armstrong who did something similar back in the 1960’s.

Undaunted by Mirer’s antics Ki-Jana Carter waved off the punt team and on the very next play ran for a 117 yard touchdown. It was the proudest and saddest moment in Penn State football history (saddest because it was against our own defense, also in 1992 exhibition games “jukes” accounted for an extra two yards per use).

* Ki-Jana Carter Sad Fact 1: Ki-Jana Carter’s childhood cat Mr. Pumpernickel died of feline Aids when Ki-Jana Carter was seven years old. Every TD he has ever scored has been in memory of Mr. Pumpernickel.

You pretty much know the rest of the story. Ki-Jana Carter dons the blue and white, Penn State goes on to win back to back to back National Championships and Ki-Jana Carter leads the Cincinnati Bengals to an improbable Super Bowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys, at least that is what happened in my College Football’s National Championship and Madden 96 Sega Genesis video games. In reality Penn State football thrived with class and dignity (what does the term literary bias really mean?) and Ki-Jana Carter went on to have his very own Wikipedia page. Do you have a Wikipedia page? No, no you don’t. In the football game of life, that my friends is a touchdown. Roar lions roar.

*Ki-Jana Carter Fun Fact 4: The internet rumor that Ki-Jana Carter wrote the movie “Pulp Fiction” is 100% true. Quentin Tarantino is a dick.

Josh Sorokach is a part time writer and a full time Penn State enthusiast. You can read his blog at anytime at your own private leisure using the internet.

Penn State #10…that’s right Top 10

August 28, 2008

If you search hard enough through the pre-season rankings that are dished out in the blogosphere and local papers across the country you can pretty much find a favorable ranking for every team in College Football. Hell, even Northwestern found their way to 27th in the UCS Rankings and this is a team that lost to Duke last season. 

That brings me to the Orlando Sentinel which has a brief breakdown of all 120 FBS teams and gives some predictions for their seasons. Penn State finds itself in the top ten with the sentiment that JoePa will have a swan song season and ride off into the sunset. I wonder if at some point it will get through to people that the man is not going anywhere until all the air has left his lungs. 

The oddest part of this to me is that not only can you not find these rankings on the Orlando Sentinel’s own site but that it was picked up by papers across the country. But oh well, a paper from the south where the SEC reigns supreme and where the Big Ten is laughed at as the brother who has no coordination, has picked the Nittany Lions to finish in the top ten and go to a BCS a Bowl, I’ll Take It!

Other Interesting Rankings from Orlando Sentinel’s Breakdown:

#20 Iowa: Was not sure if last year’s QB Jake Christensen was even the guy they wanted until this week.

#26 Michigan: I guess that RichRod will be effective without an o-line, receivers, running back, or QB.

#30 Wisconsin: Sounds about right considering the Badgers couldn’t stop anyone last year and lost their QB Tyler Donovan, that combination always makes a team better. 

#36 Illinois: Finally a realistic prediction for the Illini that have lost their star running back and still have nagging questions about QB Juice Williams.

Blue White Football Podcast #41: 2008 Begins

August 27, 2008

The season has finally arrived and our latest podcast previews the Lion’s matchup with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. Join Mike and Mark as they discuss Daryll Clark being named the starter as well as the depth chart and the latest student section rankings. 

Make sure to check the site throughout the week as we continue to get ready for Saturday with more blog posts leading up the game. 

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Worst Kept Secret Revealed

August 26, 2008

"You're going to start but let's keep everyone not guessing."

The worst kept secret in the Penn State Football world has finally been unveiled as Daryll Clark will start for the Nittany Lions Saturday against Coastal Carolina.

When it comes to picking starters, we all know JoePa’s propensity to pick upperclassman over more talented younger players, however in this case I think the consensus has to be that Joe made the right choice. No matter how talented Pat Devlin is at this point in his career, the play-calling in a pro-style offense has been horrendous over the past few seasons. That could have been because of a certain abysmal decision-maker who the coaches had no confidence in running the offense, but thats beside the point.

Clark can run the spread or the spread “HD” that defenses in the Big Ten have constantly struggled to cover. Plus as with Michael Robinson before him, Clark can make things happen outside of the realm of the play call giving him the opportunity to keep defenses off guard.

Paterno mentioned that Devlin would get some time in the Coastal Carolina game, after the lead balloons to 30 likely, but you have to love his commitment to Paul Cianciolo. Cianciolo will be the third string QB once again but Joe has praised his ability and you would think from the comments that Cianciolo could one day win the Heisman. Not to bash Cianciolo but the chances seem slim that he will get any real playing time outside of mop up duty, but thats why we love Joe because he is great to the players who give him their full effort. 

Now it is time to get down to business and move on from the worthless questions of who will start and focus on the first game of the season against the Chanticleers!

We. Are. Back. (a tribute to the 2005 Big Ten Championship)

August 26, 2008

My dad and I were watching the “We are Back” dvd from that magical year and I’ll tell you this much, I’m glad I did.

Like a lot of people my worst day every year is the last time the Nittany Lions take the field. It seems like an eternity from that day to the opening game of the next season.

We all find way to kill time.

For me, I decided to be proactive. So I did what I did, and I am where I am now…writing this little post.

Joe said it best when asked if Penn State is back.

“I don’t know that we ever left.”

And THAT is funny because IT is true.

Penn State never went anywhere, you never went anywhere did you?

Of course not. 

Life has its ups and downs.

And sports (for me at least) has always been a great metaphor for life.

I can’t predict the future, no one can (or maybe they can).

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how many games Penn State will win and lose.

I’m not going to predict this and that.

What I will do is this.

I will guarantee. With 100% certainty.

This is the way I am, this is how I’ve been.

I’ve always been a dreamer, the guy who hopes and prays and begs and wishes for things.

And that’s cool too. You should never stop doing that.

Sometimes people predict things one way or another. And then they’re wrong and they have to cover it up or laugh about it.

I guarantee to you all now the following…

Penn State will win.

And Penn State will lose.

The Football team will win and the football team will lose.

These things are certain.

Will the Nittany Lions will it all this year? That depends.

The football team did not last year, however, a few teams did.

Will the Football team win it all this year? That’s not up to me.

Will the Football team win a Big Ten Championship? …………

Only time will tell.

(But if you ask me, I’ll tell you what I think.)

“Dream. Stop. Dream again. Stop. Dream for the first time all over again. Never Stop.”

Call me.


2008 Blue White Pump Up Video

August 25, 2008

The 2008 Blue White Football Podcast Pump Up Video is finally posted and if you are watching through YouTube make sure to watch it in high quality. Get a look at what is to come in 2008 before the season gets started later this week! 

Check back for updates leading up to Saturday as well as a new audio podcast with our Coastal Carolina preview. The waiting is almost over!

Blue White Football Podcast 2008 Pump Up Video