Blue White Football Podcast #83: Iowa Week

The non-conference season has come to a close and there are still numerous questions about the 2010 Nittany Lions. Tune in for Mike & Mark’s thoughts on the close win over Temple and what we learned from the second half turn around.

The guys also get you ready for the Hawkeyes with a full preview and discuss a few under the radar topics suggested by the listeners.

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2 Comments on “Blue White Football Podcast #83: Iowa Week”

  1. PSUGrad Says:

    Do you guys do ANY research? All that I’ve regarding Shawney Kersey was that it had nothing to do with playing time. Fans on message boards ASSUMED it was lack of PT, but people who actually researched the matter and said he’s felt this way for awhile and the staff has known of his discontent going back to the spring.

    Didja call anyone? Try and work a source? Cuz if ya had, you would’ve learned that PT was not/is not the reason.

    • Mike Says:

      We don’t spend time on the message boards and when credible reporters from established new sources report something, we tend to listen. (

      Hopefully you listened to the rest of the podcast and realized the amount of research and time we put in to the show. Thanks for the feedback.

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