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Joe showing life in BTN Promo

August 21, 2008

BTN Promo


For those of you that have not had a chance to see the latest promo from the Big Ten Network check out the video link and enjoy JoePa showing off the intensity he brings to practice everyday. I think my favorite portion of this video other than JoePa’s moments is when Joe Tiller says “You like Passing, We Like Passing.” He seems to be the one coach who thought he could have some fun with this and considering this is his last year with the Boilermakers why not poke fun at his own pass happy offense.

If you are one of the lucky few (aka many, except Time Warner subscribers) who can watch the Big Ten Network tonight make sure to check out the PSU Practice show at 9 PM ET, as they finally get out to Happy Valley.

As we all know, practice at Penn State is nothing short of clandestine agency training. So it should be interesting to see how much of drills and plays we actually get to see during the show. Hopefully we will get a look at how Darryll Clark has progressed as a passer as well as how the defensive line is holding up without much depth these days. Either way the season is almost upon us and I could not be happier to get back to the business of absorbing every aspect of Penn State football.

Also if the last post was not indication enough, we will be allowing a fellow Penn State graduate who some how escaped the lure of the Nittany Lions to post on this blog from time to time to give us an outsider’s view on Dear Old State. Some of you may think we have lost it by allowing a Pitt fan to comment and criticize the Blue and White. However we hope to raise some good discussions in the comment sections and what better way to truly know your team then to have an envious in-state foe attempt to point out the flaws. Not to mention that it will be all the more enjoyable to watch the Panthers inevitable collapse knowing how much it will send the Pitt fan into a spiral of self-loathing.

Later in the week we’ll be posting a brand new video podcast that should push you over the edge as we count down each moment until next Saturday.