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The ABCs: Blue-White Edition

October 4, 2008

Hey Blue-White Podcast, long time/first time.

Not really, but I haven’t posted in awhile because the sixth-ranked Nittany Lions are doing the talking for me. In fact, I’ve started a monthly savings bond toward Rose Bowl tickets if Penn State wins the Big Ten and ends up playing 20 minutes away.

I’m a Cleveland fan first and foremost, but since the Browns have a bye week, and since they’ve decided to spend 2008 playing hacky sack with my nads, I thought I’d bring a weekly staple of my regular blog to the Blue-White Podcast.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me spell it out for you.

Awesome job by the Lions today. We’ve owned Purdue lately, and it was on the road, and we’re traveling to play Wisconsin at night next week. That spells T-R-A-P-G-A-M-E. Not this time, though.

Boy, Drew Astorino is a baller. He won state titles in both football and basketball during his senior high school season, and he appears to be Anthony Scirrotto’s heir apparent at safety. I heard he kicks a mean face, too.

Curtis Painter is going to leave Purdue as the school’s second-leading passer. I just puked all over my laptop.

Darryl Clark finished 18-of-26 for 220 yards and one rushing touchdown, but it was probably his worst game of the season. If Anthony Morelli ever had a game like that, planes would start falling out of the sky.


Evan Royster’s 141 yards and one touchdown continue to prove he’s the first real tailback Penn State’s had since Larry Johnson. I love Tony Hunt to death, but he was more of a fullback who had to play tailback because Austin Scott took Managing Hype 101 with Ken-Yon Rambo.

For 11 straight quarters, Purdue failed to score an offensive touchdown against Penn State. That ended today when Kory Sheets plunged into the end zone in the fourth quarter. Congratulations, you still suck.

Gonna be weird not having Joe Tiller in the Big Ten next year. He introduced the spread to the Big Ten, and now you see it all over the conference.

How many tackles did Josh Hull have today? Like 68?

I just checked, he only had 11. Well it seemed like 68.

Just a hunch, but I bet nobody talked to Purdue kicker Chris Summers after the game. Except maybe the EMTs, who asked him what his name was after Sheets beat the living shit out of him.

Kill these damn “blackouts” already, along with every other attempt to beat our Whiteout. Who has a blackout during the day, anyway? Between its outstanding aviation and aerospace schools, you’d think Purdue wouldn’t be so stupid.

That’s one giant leap backward for my alma mater

Let’s not forget about our offensive line. I know they’re a trendy topic for broadcasters to mention, but I’m still not sure they’re getting their due. Big performances the next three weeks would help.

Mark May is pissing me off less and less these days. I need to take my temperature or something.

Not encouraging is our tendency to give up big plays on defense. Wisky and Meatchicken don’t have the offensive talent to really make us pay, but Ohio State definitely does.

Offense continues to roll. We racked up 422 yards, and we only got 61 from Derrick Williams a week after becoming the first player in the Joe Paterno era to score by reception, rush and return.

Paterno spent the game in the press box again, but I like it when he’s up there. He looks less like a coach and more like the leader of SPECTRE as it battles James Bond.

Dr. (pater)No

Questionable AFLAC Trivia Question during today’s game. Tiller “coached” former No. 1 NFL pick Drew Bledsoe at Washington State, but he wasn’t the “head” coach. Riiiight. Just ask how many times Andre Ware mentioned how college players don’t care anymore (17) and be done with it.

Ranked teams have beaten the Boilermakers 15 straight times. I feel their pain. I mean, we haven’t beaten a ranked team in, like, seven days.

Spread HD will have to wait at least another week to unleash itself again, and doing it in Camp Randall will be tough. I say we grit down, win ugly next weekend and then score 16 touchdowns against Michigan to compensate. Who’s in?

The defensive line is disgustingly good. There’s no big-name guy like Tamba Hali or Jimmy Kennedy, but we have six or seven guys that flat-out suffocate opposing ground games.

Unless someone ahead of us loses, we’re probably not going to move up in the polls with this win. I’m keeping my eye on Mizzou and Texas, however.

Vote yes on Prop 5-83, aka getting Graham Zug and Brett Brackett more involved on offense. Remember, Deon Butler, Jordan Norwood and D-Will are all gone after this year.

While I can’t say I’m surprised we won, we’d better be a little sharper at Wisconsin.

Xerxes from 300 looked stupid, but not as stupid as Painter’s facial hair.

You bet your ass I’m glad Penn State has nationally televised games galore this season. Today’s contest was a great way to spend Saturday morning

Zebras kinda sucked today. That review of our third-and-goal was unnecessary, and they struggled with spots on plays around the first-down marker. Let’s hope we don’t see any more of that in conference play.

Time to prepare for the biggest game of the season. We thought we knew how rowdy Camp Randall could get, but apparently it’s even worse.

Somewhere in this crowd, a drunk guy is looking to finger

Godspeed, Nittany Lions.


Blue White Football Podcast #46

October 1, 2008

The Nittany Lions passed their first test with flying colors and move on to face off against the Boilermakers in a Ross-Ade blackout. Tune in as Mike & Mark recap the Illinois game and give reasons why the Purdue game is not a trap for Penn State.

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