Lions Around the NFL

Good Morning Nittany Nation,

I figured I’d give you guys an update on how our Lions have been performing around the NFL these past two weeks.

I’ll start on a somber note.  I’m sure many of you know by now –  the great Paul Posluszny has broken his arm again, and looks to miss 6 weeks from this season.  Sad news for everyone, especially because he was looking like a beast in that Monday night game, racking up 6 tackles in the first quarter.  I’ll have more to say on this situation later in the post.

As for the rest of the alumni playing for the team that Mark lovingly refers to as the “Buffalo Nittany Bills”,  Aaron Maybin has been a non factor though the first two games – which is expected for a rookie DE I’d think.  I might have personally had higher hopes for him after he came out of the preseason with two sacks and a forced fumble in two games.  But I’m sure he’ll find his groove and continue his “mayhem” type ways.

The biggest surprise and what might be the brightest  star of our former Lions, in my eyes, is Bryan Scott.  I never really followed his NFL career previously, but he has had a fantastic season thus far for the Nittany Bills.  10 tackles in the first game (and not just garbage tackles, I’m talking hard hitting open field tackles) and 9 tackles in the second game – with an interception.  He’s been seemingly everywhere and plays the role of Free Safety to a T.

As for the rest of our boys – Tamba Hali had a great game against Baltimore in week 1 (5 tackles, 1 sack, forced fumble), but didn’t seem to accomplish much of anything last game.  His teammate Larry Johnson had an alright game last week, but his YPC is a fraction of what it was a few years ago.  It is looking more and more like he was a product of the Vermeel system, and though he may not be an “elite” back in the NFL anymore, he is certainly a capable starter.

Through the first two weeks Bryant Johnson, Bobby Engram and even Deon Butler have all had a few catches for minimal yardage, but nothing spectacular to write about.  Dan Connor got his first glimpse of playing time this week, and got himself a tackle – but I’m not sure how many downs he saw.  He’s listed as the second string MLB for Carolina, so I’d assume he’d see some time on certain packages, but nothing too extensive for now.

This brings me back to my point from before, the fragility of our Linebackers.  Looking back over all the LB’s who have made their way through Linebacker U in the past 10  years, has anyone else noticed how most, if not all, of them seem to be seriously injury prone?  Think about it – Lavarr, Puz, Connor (who missed last year due to an injury), Lee, Mauti, and now Bowman – are all of our great linebackers made of glass??  Share your thoughts.

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2 Comments on “Lions Around the NFL”

  1. David Says:

    Hey Mark and Indoor-Voice Mike! Just found your podcasts as the season started and it is hands down the best source for PSU news and insight.
    First, I really like the update about the PSU players in the NFL. I currently have to review all of the box scores for the handful of players I can think of. It’s a pain! Maybe a mid-season report and season wrap-up would be great.
    Secondly, I don’t think we need to worry about our linebackers being made of glass. Poz will overcome this arm injury and be solid for another 10 years, and Connor will find his way up the depth chart as well. Bowman has the ability to be a freak at the next level, and Lee I think will follow a path similar to Connor. Injuries happen, and right now we’ve just had a string of bad luck. WE ARE!!

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