Feel like getting angry?

THIS should help.

We’ve heard the argument before…but this one has to take the cake…
“if you’re choosing between a 9-4 Texas and a 12-0 Penn State, that’s a toughie.”

He wasn’t finished there…
“Penn State (9-0, 5-0 Big Ten, 1-0 against real teams)”

So that was a “fake” team that was beating USC 21-0 at the half and eventually went on to win? Oh, ok…got it. Oh and that team from Madison (who I’m guessing you thought belonged in the top 10 in the preseason) was just an illusion. I get it.

Prepare yourself Nittany Nation. This is only the beginning. As long as Penn State keeps winning and the road to the title game becomes clear…we’re going to have to put up with these idiot “sportswriters” who like to pretend they have an idea of what they’re talking about.

But really…it’s to be expected coming from a guy like this:

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2 Comments on “Feel like getting angry?”

  1. SuperFly TNT Says:

    Eh – give this guy a break. He writes for a Detroit Newspaper. This was probably the first article they’ve seen in month that didn’t talk about the fact that their baseball / NFL teams suck or that another factory has closed down and the Jones’s who live in the house across from you need to move to FuckKnowsWhere, Kansas in order to get a job.

    I can understand why the man is bitter. The good news is, he can’t do anything about anything. Penn State (if we win out) WILL go to the championship game. And Detroit will continue to slip into a fiery pit of despair and chilidogs. They love their chilidogs.

  2. rmc236 Says:

    I read the post expecting to get angry. But I did not.

    I laughed.

    You need to understand the situation. You need to be a little patient and a lot more tolerant with people who simply don’t know anything (like Bobby Wojnowski).

    Penn State has played nine and won nine.

    A few other schools have done the same.

    Nothing is set, nothing is certain. We all know that, but most importantly, the Nittany Lions know it.

    They are not celebrating a championship prematurely, they are not packing their bags for a trip to the BCS championship game.

    They are preparing for a road trip to Iowa City.

    Speaking of Iowa City. I was out there this summer. It seemed like a nice place to stop and grab a bite to eat while I was on my way to Des Moines.

    I parked outside of a boring, forgettable building and decided to stroll around.

    When I got back to my car I found a brilliant yellow flyer on my windshield.

    “Probably a Hawkeye flyer!,” I thought out loud.

    It was a parking ticket. I didn’t pay it…yet.

    Anyway, back to the point.

    Don’t get angry over what people say or write about Penn State’s strength of schedule. Don’t get fired up when talking heads argue about Penn States place in the polls. And whatever you do, don’t ever try and figure out the BCS (you’ll lose your mind).

    If you have to do something over the next few weeks…GET EXCITED! And remember a few things…

    Penn State controls their own destiny.

    Penn State survived October, something very few thought they could do.

    And remember that the 2008 season has been full of first time in a long time moments.

    What will be the next?

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