Joe Pa Pre-Game Montage from Saturday

For those of you who were at Saturday’s game (lucky bastards) or at a bar where you could not hear the sound from the TV, here is the pre-game and post-game Joe Paterno montage that you may have heard so much about.

No matter what you want to say about ABC/ESPN in terms of their studio coverage, their analysts or bias for certain teams, there is no doubt that they have the highest quality game production of any network. This is a perfect example of what is best about their coverage and when Mark and I create videos we are always trying to emulate the masters who create videos like this. 

We’ll have a new podcast in the next couple days to discuss the monumental win over the Buckeyes and which team will present the biggest challenge to the Nittany Lions as they continue the run to an undefeated season. 

9-0 ‘One Game at a Time”

Right click here to download: Joe Pa Pre-Game Montage

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3 Comments on “Joe Pa Pre-Game Montage from Saturday”

  1. Adam in the Poconos Says:

    Guys, I love the podcast and it has become a part of my weekly pre-game ritual. Thanks a ton for posting the JoePa video.

    I unfortunately, did not get to go to the game and was watching from my couch. I’m not ashamed to say I got a little choked up watching that video before the game. I hope that man outlives me and coaches forever because I will cry like a baby on the day he is no longer the Penn State head coach.

  2. Chris Says:

    Montage is so fabulously touching. What a great song and great choice of pictures. Really does him justice. Joe became headcoach the year I was born and I can’t imagine him not being there. He is a class act. Love you always Joe!

  3. markloucks Says:

    I think this video was kind of a wake up call to all of us Penn Staters. We’re extremely lucky to have Joe Paterno as the head coach of our team. We all take him for granted, no doubt… So it’s nice to stop once in a while and try to soak it all in.

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