This is fun. This is A LOT of fun.

First thing’s first…Please be sure to check back Wednesday for the Blue White Football Podcast. Mike and I were lucky enough to be in State College on Saturday and we have exclusive post game interviews with Evan Royster, Navarro Bowman, and Darryl Clark…among others.

It’s been a great fall. A really, really great fall. I’ve been fortunate enough to get back for four home games this season. The town is different when the team is in the top 5. It’s hard to describe in words, but there’s a certain buzz when you walk down College Ave…even BEFORE you’ve had a ‘monkey boy.’ A few things beyond the stat line that I took from Saturday’s game…

1. LaVar Arrington. In case you didn’t know…this guy loves Penn State. He was certainly in good spirits on Saturday. My friend ran into him after the game. As he idled by him, hoping to be able to snap a picture next to this hulking beast – he happened to overhear this exchange Lavar shared with another fan.

Lavar: Let me just say that I was ten times the athlete in high school that Terrell Pryor was. I was a better basketball player, and a better football player…I’ll give him some respect, because he’s from Pittsburgh. But he went to Ohio State, so he’s a bitch in my book. And you know what? We’ve got a pretty good quarterback here. And next week, we’re gonna prove it to the nation.

Then he heard this exchange between Tom Bradley and LaVar:

Bradley: You know, you didn’t HAVE to give a speech at halftime LaVar. We had it in control.”
Lavar: Oh look at you talking all big now, you’re just high off of your win right now.
Bradley: That’s it, we’re boxing. Me and you, right now! (Bradley puts up his fists to box while LaVar laughs.)


2. Daryll Clark. For one reason or another he had a hard time getting things together on Saturday. It didn’t matter. His M-Rob-esque climb into the student section was certainly a highlight. This guy knows what is at stake. He also knows how lucky he is to have the best student section in the country behind him. It’s awesome when you see a guy like Clark acknowledge them in the manner that he did. Class act.

3. The Phyrst. This was always the setting of my typical Saturday night in college. This past Saturday has to rank as one of the best times I’ve ever had in this place. If you were looking for a place to scream your lungs out long after the victory bell…this was the spot. The highlight of the evening came during a break in the music, Graham Spanier stood alone onstage with his washboard. All at once, the entire bar began chanting… JOE PA – TERNO!!! Followed by…FOUR MORE YEARS!!!! Followed by the more blatant… SIGN HIM GRAHAM!!! All the President could do was laugh. He knows he’s powerless now. Joe will leave on his own terms.

Nittany Nation has waited a long time for another shot at the national title. We should have a good idea on Saturday of our January vacation plans…but win or lose, this has been one hell of a fun season.

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