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I can’t find a clear definition of what an “ungraded misdemeanor” actually means. But I think you can breathe a little easier considering they weren’t charged with “intent to distribute.” That most likely would have been the end of their days at Penn State. I’m guessing they’ll face a fine and probation but not much more. The ball is now in Joe’s court. What is an appropriate punishment for this kind of crime? I think three games is plenty. He’s already made an example of repeat offenders (Chris Baker, Phil Taylor, and Willie Harriot) and he knows as well as we do that this team needs Mo Evans and Abe Koroma.

Stay tuned…

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One Comment on “BUSTED.”

  1. boilerdowd Says:

    With Paterno’s “strict” disciplinary practices, I’m sure these guys will learn their lesson.

    I bet right now, they’re praying they don’t have to pick up cups in the stadium on Sunday!!

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