Relax, it’s only Syracuse.

This week the Blue White Football Podcast and Blog is giving you a double dose of light hearted blogging.  So forget about statistics and suspensions.  It’s time to revisit the glory days.

The reality of graduation never hits you till after the fact. For most people, the moment of realization is when your younger friends are getting ready to go back to school, and you aren’t. Instead, you’re settling into a daily routine of waking early, commuting, and sitting at a desk. There’s no buying books, no logging onto eLion for last-minute class changes, no pre-start of classes keggers or bar crawls. You slowly start to realize that it’s going to be a lot of the same for a while.

For me, the moment it really hit me was when Penn State was playing their first game of the season and I wasn’t there. I felt a pang as I watched shots of people snaking up the ramps at the Beav, of Nittany Mountain framing Happy Valley, and of drunk kids screaming unintelligibly at the camera. That should be me, I thought. I should be the one screaming and staring listlessly into the TV sets of America, hot dog in one hand, Yuengling bottle in the other.

When I miss Penn State, I keep up with the Daily Collegian to stay abreast of what’s going on back at school. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in State College.

Remember Sports Cafe? Remember how it shut down, and Lavar Arrington was supposed to buy it? Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.

Arrington wishes ‘plague’ upon Sports Café

The Sports Café & Grille reopened between 9 and 10 Thursday night to a fiery reaction from “irate” former Nittany Lion LaVar Arrington.
Arrington said he has “nothing to do with that place,” in response to rumors he might be behind the bar’s reopening.
“I hope the plague falls upon the Sports Café,” he said, adding “I hope it’s rat infested. Frickin’ roach infested.”

Wow! He does not seem too happy! I’ve actually been keeping up with this for the last year or so, and the owner of this bar is a real piece of work. First, he shuts down his bar (for “renovations”) and doesn’t pay off a $400,000 loan, no explanation. Then, he screws his employees out of the last few weeks of their wages, no explanation. Finally, when the sale of the bar to Arrington is all but complete, and they’re literally sitting at the table to sign the papers, he doesn’t show, no explanation. Then, he reopens two weeks later and says he’s found another buyer. This guy’s got a history of just walking out on a situation when it isn’t convenient.

While all of this is happening, he’s slowly building anticipation over the buzz of Lavar buying the bar. Even in January and March when the previous two articles came out, he winks so hard you can practically hear it coming through the newspaper. He let Lavar build up hype for what he assumed was going to be his bar. Then, after months of free publicity from a Penn State legend, he ducks out of the deal without warning, and two weeks later reopens the bar himself. If you’re going to be in Happy Valley this fall, I advice you not to patronize the Sports Cafe. I don’t care how damn good their wings are. Anyone who screws over and profits off of a legend like he did, then tells us he’s all about Penn State, doesn’t deserve a dollar of mine.

Happy trails to you, Willie Harriot.

CB dismissed

Reserve cornerback Willie Harriott was dismissed from the team Thursday, Joe Paterno said during his weekly radio show.
“Willie got himself into a jam the other night and won’t be with the team,” Paterno said.

What does that even mean? Did he pull up to Joe’s house at 2 AM with a body in the trunk of his car? Did he get in trouble with the mob and ask Joe to bail him out? Or did he just get stuck in traffic on the way to practice? Oh, the classic mysteries of sudden dismissals and drops in the depth chart.

Let’s finish this up by making fun of Michigan. What’s Blue and Maize and run all over?

LOL @ Michigan

I had to look at the picture like 3 times to make sure a) my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and b) it wasn’t a screen play (it isn’t). If this is how they were last year, imagine what 2008 will be like.

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