Week One Reactions

Well, well, well. 

The 2008 season has officially begun and at last all is right with the world.

Looking back at the action from Saturday I laugh.

It reminds me of a Saturday one year ago.

Penn State wins. Michigan losses.

But wait! There’s more!

The best part about the weekend for me?

Pitt falls!!!!

I mean, let’s be honest, I could really care less about the Panthers. I don’t care if they win or lose. I don’t care if they win every game or lose every game.

What I do care about is my memory.

I remember being at a Pitt Penn State game back in the day (no it wasn’t a Wednesday, it was a Saturday).

I saw the Nittany Lions defeat the Pitt Panthers in Beaver Stadium (my brother was a student at Pitt back then and I can remember seeing his roommate, who was in the band, at the game).

The next year (yeah that one) the Nittany Lions lost.

And every single Pitt fan went nuts. 

Attention Pitt fans: SHUT UP! O.K I get it. The last time the lions and the panthers faced off, the panthers won.


Stop living in the past.

Last time I checked…the Panthers were AWFUL!

Yes. The Nittany Lions had their fair share of down seasons, but the last time I checked they’ve moved on and moved up.

I don’t really get much excitement out of the panthers losing.

That’s a lie, I DO.

There are never P I T T sucks chants at PSU games. NEVER. Only uproar and laughter when Pitt scores are announced.

Every time Pitt fans gather they feel the need to chant P E N N S T sucks.


Seems to me like you all. Oh wait, excuse me. Yins?


Penn State Forever.


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