Welcome back, Fodder

I had a late night yesterday. You know, bars til close, followed by after hours. When I finally woke up at 11:30 a.m. this morning (2:30 p.m.  your time!), Penn State was already squashing Coastal Carolina 59-7, and since I don’t have cable hooked up in my apartment yet, I couldn’t see the game. Damn it. I was really looking forward to this yawner.

Since Penn State rained Sodom and Gamorrah justice on the Chanticleers (sp?), and since the game was completely uneventful, I’d rather pick around the college football landscape from day one.

Beanie Wells gets hurt as Buckeyes roll Youngstown State

OSU has really dodged the injury bug this millennium. Course-correction is a fickle bitch.

California doesn’t care about the East Coast

Mark Sanchez kicked ass in USC’s 45-point thrashing of Virginia. Los Angeles doesn’t have the NFL anymore, so the Trojans are the toast of the town. But UCLA looms around the corner Monday night.

By the way, did you see the ad that UCLA took out in the Los Angeles Times the other day?

As Rick Neuheisel would say, “Bet on it.”

Clemson loses another big college football game

Might as well start calling them the Clemson Peyton Mannings.

Kansas can’t kill Florida International like we did

I’m sure the Jayhawks are crying all over their NCAA Tournament championship.

Appalachian State comes back down to Earth

I could use this spot to bash Michigan, but until we end this NINE-GAME LOSING STREAK, I won’t.


Being a Mormon pays off

The 16th-ranked Brigham Young boys defeated Northern Iowa 41-17. And if South Park’s right, they’re the only ones going to Heaven.

East Carolina rallies past Virginia Tech

Skip Holtz’s team beats the Hokies at Beamer Ball, and Lou Holtz sthpews sthaliva all over the Sthportsthcenter sthet.

Wisconsin is overrated……again

Way to go, Badgers. You actually needed more than two quarters to beat a MAC team at home. But it could have been worse. You could have lost to a MAC team at home. You know, like…


LeSean McCoy is the best running back in America! Pitt is a legit contender to get to a BCS game! The Panthers are the best team in the state of Pennsylvania!

Except that one time.

It’s only the first weekend, but the events of Saturday are enough fodder to fill the next week. At best, we now have tangible evidence of each team. The Buckeyes could be in trouble, USC is ridiculously good, Rick Neuheisel is ridiculously stupid, Appy State can’t upset every 1-A team it faces, Mormons are nice, and Lou Holtz has bladder control problems in his mouth.

As for Pitt, I’m sure its season will be just like Penn State’s opener.

A yawner.

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One Comment on “Welcome back, Fodder”

  1. rmc236 Says:

    huh-la-re-ous.? Hmmm. Halarious? Hilarious!!! spelling is a lot harder than it looks on TV. Either way, great job.

    We Are!

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