Penn State #10…that’s right Top 10

If you search hard enough through the pre-season rankings that are dished out in the blogosphere and local papers across the country you can pretty much find a favorable ranking for every team in College Football. Hell, even Northwestern found their way to 27th in the UCS Rankings and this is a team that lost to Duke last season. 

That brings me to the Orlando Sentinel which has a brief breakdown of all 120 FBS teams and gives some predictions for their seasons. Penn State finds itself in the top ten with the sentiment that JoePa will have a swan song season and ride off into the sunset. I wonder if at some point it will get through to people that the man is not going anywhere until all the air has left his lungs. 

The oddest part of this to me is that not only can you not find these rankings on the Orlando Sentinel’s own site but that it was picked up by papers across the country. But oh well, a paper from the south where the SEC reigns supreme and where the Big Ten is laughed at as the brother who has no coordination, has picked the Nittany Lions to finish in the top ten and go to a BCS a Bowl, I’ll Take It!

Other Interesting Rankings from Orlando Sentinel’s Breakdown:

#20 Iowa: Was not sure if last year’s QB Jake Christensen was even the guy they wanted until this week.

#26 Michigan: I guess that RichRod will be effective without an o-line, receivers, running back, or QB.

#30 Wisconsin: Sounds about right considering the Badgers couldn’t stop anyone last year and lost their QB Tyler Donovan, that combination always makes a team better. 

#36 Illinois: Finally a realistic prediction for the Illini that have lost their star running back and still have nagging questions about QB Juice Williams.

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