We. Are. Back. (a tribute to the 2005 Big Ten Championship)

My dad and I were watching the “We are Back” dvd from that magical year and I’ll tell you this much, I’m glad I did.

Like a lot of people my worst day every year is the last time the Nittany Lions take the field. It seems like an eternity from that day to the opening game of the next season.

We all find way to kill time.

For me, I decided to be proactive. So I did what I did, and I am where I am now…writing this little post.

Joe said it best when asked if Penn State is back.

“I don’t know that we ever left.”

And THAT is funny because IT is true.

Penn State never went anywhere, you never went anywhere did you?

Of course not. 

Life has its ups and downs.

And sports (for me at least) has always been a great metaphor for life.

I can’t predict the future, no one can (or maybe they can).

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how many games Penn State will win and lose.

I’m not going to predict this and that.

What I will do is this.

I will guarantee. With 100% certainty.

This is the way I am, this is how I’ve been.

I’ve always been a dreamer, the guy who hopes and prays and begs and wishes for things.

And that’s cool too. You should never stop doing that.

Sometimes people predict things one way or another. And then they’re wrong and they have to cover it up or laugh about it.

I guarantee to you all now the following…

Penn State will win.

And Penn State will lose.

The Football team will win and the football team will lose.

These things are certain.

Will the Nittany Lions will it all this year? That depends.

The football team did not last year, however, a few teams did.

Will the Football team win it all this year? That’s not up to me.

Will the Football team win a Big Ten Championship? …………

Only time will tell.

(But if you ask me, I’ll tell you what I think.)

“Dream. Stop. Dream again. Stop. Dream for the first time all over again. Never Stop.”

Call me.


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